Triratna Sanghas, like Nagaloka, utilize friends, mitras and order members to help with the care and maintenance of their centers. A Kula is group of individuals working together in supportive ways to accomplish these tasks while developing spiritual friendships. Examples would include fundraising, bookstore, tea station, cleaning, etc.

We have struggled to find ways to make our Kulas at Nagaloka effective. In the past individuals were asked to sign up for the different Kulas and coordinate a work schedule where the members would work together on designated tasks. Instead, the work has been left to individuals. Because this has been unfair to those doing all of the work and in effective, our Council suggested a different approach. Namely, we will now designate specific a work date each month, focused on the tasks listed below. We hope in this way people can schedule time to come and work together as a group, sharing the work and friendship.

If you are interested in supporting and developing spiritual friendship (kalayana mitrata) by working on task(s) important for Nagaloka, please join us in on Saturday, January 4, 2014 from 10 am to 3 pm for a day of work and friendship.

List of needs: 1. cleaning
2. Library, keeping books in order, contacting individuals with overdue books, and cleaning
3. Tea Cart and Kitchen, cleaning, restocking
4. Bookstore, inventory, cleaning, arranging and pricing.
5. Advertising, marketing ~ finding ways to market, making and distributing flyers, organizing bulletin board and calendar.
6. Shrine, cleaning, redesigning and organizing supplies.
7. Other ~ areas missing!

Dana, is more than just giving money, it is the Pali word for generosity, means enveloping a giving, sharing attitude, so in offering your time it’s an act of giving. Thank you for considering this proposal. Please contact us to register for the day, or part of the day.