News From Nagaloka!
March 2015
The Spring issue you say? Sitting here, mid March, looking out the window on a 33 degree day with blowing winds and frozen snow banks….it is a bit hard to believe we are writing the spring news. But alas, we are.
Nagaloka’s Friends’ Night sangha warmed the winter’s Wednesdays by coming together to study “Not About Being Good?, by Subhadramati. This book had a particularly warm reception with the group. Members felt it practical, simply stated yet pointing to very deep practice. There were many moments to reflect on person practice, and share our experiences with trying new suggested practices with the group.
We were very lucky to have Dhardo Rinpoche come up to Portland for a visit. He, with his attendant Sersang, attended Friends’ Night at Nagaloka on March 11th and was met with a full house! Dhardo Rinpoche spoke about his connection with Triratna through Sangharakshita, the previous Dhardo Rinpoche, and the building of the stupa at Aryaloka. He answered many questions about his life, his studies, his thoughts on being aware of the news out in the world, as well as informing us about the monastery that he has taken charge of and the school that the previous Dhardo Rinpoche built and
looked after. His visit was certainly a highlight in the winter.
As we move into Spring we will begin a new Friends’ Night study. We have chosen “Who is the Buddha? by Sangharakshita. We continue to have men and women’s practice days and Intro to Meditation days. Thank you to Bodhipaksa, Khemavassika and Suddhayu for running events at Nagaloka. Your support is great appreciated!