Winter is upon us in the northern woods. Snow came early on in November this year and it seems like it is likely to stick around for awhile. In the
midst of it all we find some warmth in spiritual friendship and gathering together.

At Nagaloka we have started a new book study, “Not About Being Good? by Subhadramati. This book gently and very practically leads us into Buddhist ethics. There are many opportunities for reflection and practice suggestions throughout the book that lead us to better be able to apply ethics in our daily life. Our discussions have been lovely and open with a real sense of sharing our personal experiences. This study will likely take us through the largest part of the winter.

We have just wrapped up a Mitra Study on “What is the Sangha?, facilitated by Narottama. Together we explored the third jewel of sangha and
what it means in our lives. We discussed and were able to go deeper into how spiritual friendship is “the whole of spiritual life?. Thank you to Narottama for being a very big support to our Mitra Community!

Coming soon, January 16-19, we will come together with the New York and Boston Sanghas for our annual Outlying Sangha Retreat held at Aryaloka. This is always a great time to celebrate seeing old spiritual friends and for nurturing new bonds as well. Nagaloka will also be hosting once a month Mens’ Practice Days on a Sunday in January, February and March. Also Dharmasuri will teach a 4 week Intro to Buddhism and Meditation course starting January 6th. Our Friends Night continues on Wednesdays from 7-9pm. Led mediation and discussions are on Sunday mornings 8:30 -10am. Regular open sits continue on Monday evenings and Thursdays at noon. Please continue to take a look at our website for more information.

Thank you!