Please join us Wednesday evening as we review and practice basic meditation techniques. Posture, pre meditation preparation, and setting an intention are a few reminders.

We may visit the five hindrances (they are often visiting us) that can flood our minds during our everyday life and in meditation, buffeting us with the winds of distraction. As we settle into a relaxed and mindful position and begin to connect with the breath/body experience, our old friends, the five hindrances: sense desire, anger and frustration, anxieties, self-doubt and low energy can hinder our progress to a deeper level of inner peace and concentration.

We may explore the connection and distinctions between feeling/sensations of the body/mind experience and the emotional layering we add to those feelings and sensations. Recognizing that all is constantly in flux, shifting and changing, and the more we grasp and cling to people, places, and things for security in this ever-changing world, the more suffering we create for ourselves and other beings. Finding and expanding the gap between feeling/sensation and reaction is crucial for a creative, skillful response to our many worlds. A skillful response is based in kindness, generosity of spirit, and wisdom.

Checking in with our sense of metta, the basis for connecting with self and other, we may explore the positive aspects of cultivating appreciation and gratitude for what we have. Do we often find ourselves in a mental state of feeling that we are lacking in something? We may explore cultivating a sense of abundance in what we do have, and not living in the sense of lack of what we think we might need for our security and happiness.

Please bring your meditation questions, as well as delights and challenges, or send them along before our class by email or put them in the chat box during class as we plod forward on the brilliant and muddy road to awakening.

Join us to explore….this Wednesday…!

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