Nagaloka Buddhist Council has been grappling with raising enough funds to meet our basic expenses. There is no charge for what Nagaloka offers, so we rely on your contributions. However, the rent, utilities and insurance alone cost nearly $92 an hour. What we receive in our dana basket covers only 14% of this expense.

We make an effort to help cover the rest of this basic expense by subletting, charging (on a sliding scale) for special programs and sales in our bookstores, but these only cover less than half the space cost. We know that we cannot ask you to contribute without doing as much as we can to cut expenses. For this reason, the Nagaloka Buddhist Council has decided to relocate on the second floor of our current location, thereby almost cutting our overhead in half.

A path of practice includes being together with your friends in the Sangha. Nagaloka is the spiritual home for you, the Sangha. The most important job of the council job is to provide a place for the Sangha to come together to practice, sharing our growth and development in the spirit of Kalyana Mitratra (spiritual friendship). This decision came from the need to place our focus on supporting spiritual friendship and helping to eliminating the focus of asking for money.

We will be occupying two large rooms on the second floor: one for the shrine room and one for the library/bookstore. The outside common area is shared with other tenants, but we can use it to congregate and have group discussions on occasion and also locate our tea cart there.

We will be moving in stages with a view toward completing the move by late July. Our first step is to move the shrine room this Sunday, June 28 at 10AM. We could use your help. Please join us.

Yours in the Dharma,
Nagaloka Council