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Date(s) - 11/05/2022
6:45 pm - 8:00 pm


Please join us online by Zoom, Wednesday evenings, 6:45-8:00pm. We value Sangha (spiritual community) and the opportunity to be together. We will use this time for lightly guided meditation, a short check in to see how we can support one another, and exploration of a Buddhist topic. The facilitator will offer brief remarks and guide discussion as a way to focus our practice on that week’s theme. Themes may run several weeks, but each week can serve as a stand-alone session. We look forward to seeing you and sharing our love and kindness for the wellness of all beings.

All are welcome!

Releasing the Hindrances

This week we look at the various shades and colors of ill will; the second of the Five Hindrances. From a mild irritation that a person, place or thing is not meeting our expectations, to a shouting rage, or the potential of physical violence, ill will has many shades of intensity that can cloud our perceptions. A toddler’s tantrum with flying toys and loud tears, our stumbling into our inner critic, where we denigrate ourselves, or a case of road rage, can we see that ill will has arisen?

Last week we explored sense desire the realms of cravings and “I want.”

This week we explore the many facets of ill will where, “I do not want”!

In both cases, we are attached to a person, place or thing, one with craving, one with aversion.

As we begin to see that we alone are responsible for our actions of body, speech and mind, can we create with that energy rather than react? By recognizing that ill will, annoyance and frustration, a felt sense in the body perhaps, a tightening, is arising , will there be more ‘space’ to be aware and open to your present moment experience?

Do resentments support or hinder my growth?

Are angry people attractive to be with?

Both in and out of meditation, ill will can arise and color our lives and others.

Please join us as we explore various antidotes and practices that can offer relief from the burning coals of anger and the family of ill will.
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