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Date(s) - 07/07/2021
6:45 pm - 8:00 pm


We decided to continue not having in person meditation and study group sessions on Wednesday evening.

Instead we will be meeting online. Join us by clicking on this Zoom link on Wednesday evenings, 6:45-8:00pm . We value Sangha (spiritual community) and feel it is important for us to have the opportunity to be together. We will use this time to meditation along with a short check in to see how we can best support one another. Plus the facilitator will continue on our Dharma theme offering everyone a focus for our practice. We look forward to seeing you and sharing our love and kindness for the wellness of all beings.

Join us to explore….this Wednesday…!

Guarding the Doors

Protecting the Ecology of the Mind

“Grand Mother you seem troubled”

“Yes Grand Son, I have two wolves fighting inside me.
Each wanting different paths.”

“Which wolf will win Grand Mother?”

“The one that I feed.”

With the magnitude and pace of information collected by our five senses and processed and expanded with the mind during our daily life, it can seem as though the Mind is underwater with a flood of unhealthy morsels to snack on .

In this rapidly moving, troubled world, to take time to re-assess, developing and practicing a consistent set of tools that allow the mind to come back to stasis, requires a steady gentle effort of ‘Guarding the Doors’; against what we allow to enter into the Ecology of our mind.

The benefits are immense, positive and refreshing. The ecology of our minds will reflect the choices we make each day .

What am I dwelling on?

Does this information I am taking in lead to the warm light of kindness, generosity and wisdom, or does it feed craving, ill will and delusion?

What are the consequences if I continue to feed this mental state?

A calm baseline, a steady and positive focus with a flexible open heart/mind connection with the natural world and with our fellow beings can take the average hurried stressful day and allow for the increasing light of awareness to rise.

These simple daily practices can help develop positive results, such as a happier general attitude, better sleep, being more contented with what we have, while not dwelling on what we think we lack.

Please join us for a Meditation Practice evening to look at what is available and what we could turn down/off to help support a clean, clear, open, flexible, caring attitude for ourselves and others.

You can hear the wolves fight as we take the path towards the light.

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