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Date(s) - 08/12/2021
6:45 pm - 8:00 pm


We decided to continue not having in person meditation and study group sessions on Wednesday evening.

Instead we will be meeting online. Join us by clicking on this Zoom link on Wednesday evenings, 6:45-8:00pm . We value Sangha (spiritual community) and feel it is important for us to have the opportunity to be together. We will use this time to meditation along with a short check in to see how we can best support one another. Plus the facilitator will continue on our Dharma theme offering everyone a focus for our practice. We look forward to seeing you and sharing our love and kindness for the wellness of all beings.

Join us to explore….this Wednesday…!

All are welcome!

The Wheel of Life

Last week we were introduced to the Wheel of Life with its vast history, and the many circles, segments, illustrations and symbols that it contains.

This week we begin an in-depth exploration of The Wheel by bringing our focus to the hub, the center of The Wheel of Life.

Looking at this wheel as a mirror, we may be shocked to see the Pig, which represents our ignorance, the Cock represents our cravings, and the snake our various forms of hate, or ill will.

These three animals represent the three main poisons ,or kleshas, that drive the wheel and all the world’s woes.

All of our negative habits, mental states and views, either individually or collectively, emerge through actions of body, speech and mind, and are contained in the hub. This hub of the wheel is driven primarily by Ignorance where greed and ill will are formed.

Ignorance here means ‘spiritual ignorance,’ meaning we are a separate, free standing, fixed self, disconnected from ‘the other’ and thereby must protect and defend, blinding our view of our true potential for unlimited growth. With snout in dirt and ears folded over our eyes, we continue to ‘root around’ for our security in external support and stimulations.

Grasping and clinging to that which we feel gives us pleasure/security in a wobbly world, then pushing back through some shade of ill will when ‘we’ do not get what we want.

This push/pull rigid way of being, creates ours and the world’s sufferings. Being able to see this, we then can begin to make changes, taking on practices that will align us with a deeper appreciation, ease and security as we journey through this life.

Please join us this Wednesday as we continue our exploration of this ancient symbol that still glows with a beacon of light in a sometimes dark world.

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