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Date(s) - 22/12/2021
6:45 pm - 8:00 pm


We decided to continue not having in person meditation and study group sessions on Wednesday evening.

Instead we will be meeting online. Join us by clicking on this Zoom link on Wednesday evenings, 6:45-8:00pm . We value Sangha (spiritual community) and feel it is important for us to have the opportunity to be together. We will use this time to meditation along with a short check in to see how we can best support one another. Plus the facilitator will continue on our Dharma theme offering everyone a focus for our practice. We look forward to seeing you and sharing our love and kindness for the wellness of all beings.

Join us to explore….this Wednesday…!

All are welcome!

The Wheel of Life

This Precious Human Birth

As we continue our exploration of the Wheel of Life, we now bring our attention to the six realms of existence. The three lower realms that include the animal realm, the hell realm and the hungry ghosts are balanced by the three upper realms of the humans, the gods, and the jealous, a titans. These realms can be seen as mental states that we find our self in from moment to moment, day to day or through life times.

This week we look at the human realm of existence that offers an equal opportunity for pleasure and pain and the most advantageous birth for awakening. In the human realm we have the ability for self reflection, seeing that actions have consequences, and to make choices that transform our lives into a more positive, harmonious and fulfilling experience.

It has been said that the human birth is very rare. Imagine one wooden ring floating in a vast ocean. A sea turtle swimming under water for 100 years comes up for air in that vast ocean and his head breaks the surface inside that one wooden ring. This is a traditional metaphor for the rarity of a human birth.

The opportunity to be introduced to the Dharma, to practice ethics and meditation and develop insights into the nature of reality is our human right and inheritance.

This human birth is precious, our opportunity to awaken.
The body is impermanent, and time of death is uncertain.
The cause and effect of karma shapes the course of our lives.
Life has inevitable difficulties, no one can control it all.

This life we must know as the tiny splash of a raindrop.
A thing of beauty that disappears even as it comes into being.

Therefore I recall my inspiration and aspiration
And resolve to make use of every day and night to realize it.

based on verses by Tsongkhapa

(14th century Tibetan master)

Please join us this Wednesday as we continue our exploration of this ancient symbol that still glows like a beacon of light in a sometimes dark world.

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