Wednesday evenings, 6:45-8:00pm Guided Meditation and Dharma Talk, where we learn about the Dharma and how it can enrich our lives.

Sunday mornings from 8:30-10AM will be guided meditation and Dharma Bite, where we have a cup of tea and connect with those around us.

Life with Full Awareness course
Want to learn to meditate? Start the New Year off well with this course to be held Sundays, January 8, 15, and 22, 10:30am – noon at the Nagaloka Buddhist Center in Portland.

You’ll practice two forms of meditation: Mindfulness of Breathing and Loving-Kindness (aka Metta Bhavana). Topics include meditation posture, overcoming common challenges in meditation, and creating an effective home practice. As time allows, you’ll be introduced to Buddhism and the Nagaloka Buddhist Center.

Volunteer teachers: Nancy Artz (retired professor training for Ordination in the Triratna Buddhist Community) and other members of the Nagaloka Buddhist Center.

REGISTRATION & FEES: The course is offered on the basis of a sliding scale donation, with all funds supporting the non-profit Nagaloka Buddhist Center. For those with the financial ability, the suggested donation for the 3-week course is $20-$50.

Register at

Questions? or 207-572-2414