Parinirvana Day Celebration

As Buddhist, we celebrate the death of the Buddha on Parinirvana Day. The Buddha died when he was eighty years old. He spend forty years teaching after his Enlightenment. Celebration takes place on the full moon day in February. This day is used to reflect on one’s own future death and on people we have known who have recently died.

Triratna Buddhist Community Day

This day celebrates the founding and continuation of the Triratna Buddhist Community, formally known as the FWBO, which was founded in 1967 by Sangharakshita. It is now an international movement with activities in more than 20 countries.

Buddha Day (Wesak) Celebration

This is the day the Buddha gained Enlightenment. The celebration takes place around the full moon of May/June. The day’s celebration is a chance to reflect on what it might mean for indivdiual Buddhist to aspire to the ideal of Enlightenment.

Dharma Day

After the Buddha gained Enlightenment he shared his experience with his former disciples. This event was the start of Buddhism. Dharma Day is celebrated near the full moon in July. On this day there are readings from the Buddhist scriptures and a chance to reflect on their contents.

Sangha Day

Buddhist celebrate the ideal of creating a spiritual community and the actual community which they are trying to create. Sangha Day is celebrated around the full moon in November. Traditional day for the exchange of gifts and feeling of friendliness to all beings.