Dharmasuri Dharmasuri
Dharmasuri was first introduced to Buddhism in 1994 by her good friend, Leigh Baker. She helped found Nagaloka in 2003 and was ordained in 2006 into the Triratna Buddhist Order following a six week retreat in Dunkeld, Scotland. Dharmasuri lives and works in Portland. She is the current chairperson for Nagaloka. Dharmasuri has a strong meditation practice and the Dharma comes from her heart. Her love of the Dharma is noted in her name, Dharmasuri, which mean “heroine that embodies the path to Enlightenment.�
Maitrimani Maitrimani
Maitrimani first became involved at an FWBO Buddhist center in London, England, in the mid 1980’s. As a way to practice Buddhism she worked in businesses formed and run by Buddhists; first a restaurant, a shop, and then a holistic health center. Working with other Buddhists helped Maitrimani learn more receptivity, acceptance and about compassion, qualities so important on a Buddhist path. She was ordained into the Western Buddhist Order in 2008. Maitrimani helps facilitate meditation and study classes at Nagaloka.
gail nagaloka Gail
Gail joined the Triratna Buddhist Community in 2007 and has found a special place in her heart for the Three Jewels. She loves to study and more importantly live the Dharma while cherishing her family, including two young daughters, her friends, and Nagaloka.