Things happening at Nagaloka past, present and future

Over the winter months Nagaloka has been busy supporting Wednesday Friend’s Night. In January we completed our book study of Life with Full Attention by Maitreyabandhu, in which discussions were facilitated by Gail Yahwak, Janet Miles, Dharmasuri, and Khemavassika. Amala and Viriyalila lead a practice day in at Nagaloka for women who have asked for ordination. A 4 week Introduction to Meditation and Buddhism class was also held in January supported by Dharmasuri.

We have been fortunate in the month of February to have the kind presence of Vimalamoksha visiting Maine from San Fransisco, and he is graciously facilitating a 4 week series on Wednesday nights on Pleasure in Meditation. On Saturday, Feb 13th Bodhipaksa lead a morning retreat on the art of the mindfulness, self-compassion practice entitled “How to Stop Beating Yourself UP (and be Kinder to Others, Too). There were 13 people in attendance. We are looking forward to another 4 week series in March being led by Bodhipaksa on “Transforming Suffering” exploring the Buddha’s teaching on dukkha.

New in February, Nagaloka is starting an ongoing weekly morning meditation on Tuesdays from 6:45 – 7:30a. In addition to Wednesday nights, currently meditation sessions occur on Monday evening, Thursday lunchtime and Sunday morning. The women and men from our Sangha have formed single sex groups. Each meets separately on the third Sunday of each month after morning meditation.

Our annual Outlying Sangha Retreat took place again at Aryaloka over Martin Luther King’s weekend. For the last seven years we have joined with Sangha members from Boston and New York to practice and celebrate the Dharma together. This year we were all inspired as we engaged with the Brahma Viharas meditation practice. Here we are in the below photo.

Please check out our calendar for more upcoming event.

We’d like to thank Khemavassika, Vimalamoksha, and Bodhipaksa for all the ways that they have been helping to support Nagaloka in the past months.
Outlying retreat 2016 041