News update from Gail

Greetings from Portland Maine! The Nagaloka sangha continues to
settle into our new space at One Forest Ave as Spring approaches. We have a
new Center Manager, Louise Tuski, who has been very attentive to making
Nagaloka beautiful, clean, and keeps all things running smoothly.

We have finished our winter study of Tales of Freedom by
Vessantara. Each chapter was so well received and gave way to lots of in
depth discussion on our Wednesday Friends’ Nights. We spent some time
between studies looking at a few chapters from the Dhammapada. Now
we have started our study that will take us into Spring, Buddhism, Tools for
Living Your Life by Vajragupta.

We Celebrated New Years Day with meditation and a Childrens’ story
time. Ian Tuski performed a classical guitar recital at Nagaloka in January.
Some of our sangha members had the opportunity to attend the Outlying
Sangha Retreat at Aryaloka. Maitrimani led us through a celebration of
Parinirvana Day in early March (sometimes holidays get postponed due to
snow storms!). Mitra Study continues once a month followed by a potluck

Childrens’ Puja’s and story time is scheduled once a month and bring some
shiny young faces through our door! We will be having visiting Order
Members join us to lead Day Retreats and Intro Classes this Spring. Keep
and eye on our website for more upcoming events!

Thank you!