Happenings in February and March 2016

Our Regular Weekly Meditation Sessions
Mondays 6:30PM-7:30 PM Open Sit
Tuesday 6:45AM-7:30AM NEW open sit starting Feb 23 “Mindfulness of Breathing”
Thursday 12 Noon Meditation open sit and the “Mindfulness of Breathing”

Regular Meditation Sessions & Study/Dharma (Buddha’s teachings) discussion

Wednesdays 7 PM – 9 PM Meditation with study/discussion ~ all welcomed

Sundays 8:30-10 AM Meditation followed by tea/coffee and open discussion on Buddhist practices

Special Guest (Wednesday) Led by Vimalamoksa
Wed Feb 3-Feb 17 Cultivating Pleasure in Meditation ~ Pleasure plays a key role in evolving as a human being, and pleasure helps us be of better service to the world around us. Through collective reflection, investigation in meditation, and sharing memories that have exemplified more ideal ways of being in the world, we can help foster pleasures that nourish ourselves and the world around us.

Wed March Transforming Suffering ~ Led by Bodhipaksa
Learn the many teachings by the Buddha on dukkha (unsatisfaction) and the path to insight.

Introduction & Other Events ~ Registration necessary

Saturday, Feb 13 10AM-1PM
Cost $25-$40 (sliding scale) The art of mindful self-compassion Led by Bodhipaksa

Saturday, Mar 12th 10:15AM-1 PM
Cost $25-$40 (sliding scale) Introduction to Meditation and Buddhism Led by Narottama

Dana Bowl ~ Suggested donation: $10 or ($5 low income) or whatever you can afford

We welcome anyone with an interest in Buddhism and a desire to explore ways to bring more wisdom and compassion into our way of being. On Sunday and Wednesday meditation is followed by talks, discussion and group activities.