A brief update on some of the happenings

Wednesday Friends’ Night
May 8th ~ 7 – 9 PM
This week for those who have the book “Buddhism: tools for living your life” by Vajragupta,
we will be discussing chapter 11, “Compassion, the kind heart of wisdom”. Wisdom is the inner understanding and vision of Reality.
Compassion is the activity that follows from that understanding. Wisdom sees that others suffer because they do not yet understand Reality. Compassion is the awareness of that pain and suffering and does what it can to help others escape it. Are your minute by minute thoughts realistic or unrealistic views?

Even if you don’t have the book, we encourage and welcome individuals to visit Nagaloka on Wednesdays to learn about meditation and Buddhism.

Sunday, May 12th
8:30-10AM meditation and Dharma bite (open discussion)
Children’s story time and Puja (celebration and offerings)
10:15 – 11:15 am
Led by: Louise and Dharmasuri
Cost: by donation (suggested $10-$5)

4 Tuesdays introduction to meditation and Buddhism
May 21st through June 11th
Registration by contacting us!

Face painting fund raising event
June 9 at the Old Port Festival
A wonderful opportunity to connect and have fun with Sangha (each other) as we connect with our larger community by face painting.
We need help with setting up and taking down the booth, face painters, line management with lots of children waiting to have their little faces transformed.
Please contact us to sign up to help, even if it is for an hour. We appreciate your continued support.