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News Update by Gail

Fall is upon us here in the North with temperatures beginning to fall and the daylight fading. Many a porch and front step are decorated with pumpkins and mums, a beautiful display of the season’s growth. Our Wednesday Friends Night has been doing something new for the last few weeks. We have split into two …


Upcoming in September and October

Our next children’s story time and puja for children ages 2 year old up to and including 2nd graders is on Sunday, Sept 29th. Saturday, October 19 is our annual holistic health day for women. We are working on developing the program this year. We are excited health care providers in our building (1 Forest …


This weekend July 26-28th

This weekend is full with events at Nagaloka: On Friday mindfulness of breathing meditation for peaceful bellies and babies at Birth Roots in Portland starting at 10 am. Saturday a practice morning, July 27, 10 am – 1pm inspiring teachings on the self, no-self and the true individual. How can we become a genuinely individual …