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Nagaloka News from Gail

Winter is upon us in the northern woods. Snow came early on in November this year and it seems like it is likely to stick around for awhile. In the midst of it all we find some warmth in spiritual friendship and gathering together. At Nagaloka we have started a new book study, “Not About …


Happenings in April

I am very happy to share with you some of the happenings at Nagaloka in April. The month starts off with a visit by Nagabodhi on Friday, Apr 4th. He will give a talk on “Mindfulness? starting at 7 PM. Our special guest on Wednesday, Apr 9th is Kiranada, who will give a talk on …


Sangha Working together day

Triratna Sanghas, like Nagaloka, utilize friends, mitras and order members to help with the care and maintenance of their centers. A Kula is group of individuals working together in supportive ways to accomplish these tasks while developing spiritual friendships. Examples would include fundraising, bookstore, tea station, cleaning, etc. We have struggled to find ways to …