Support Nagaloka

Thank you to everyone who have generously given to support Nagaloka. We are self-supported by individual contributions with no central funding. We operate a radical economy on what is called a Dana Economy. The Sanskrit word ‘Dana’ means generosity, which is a fundamental Buddhist principle. All fees and donations pay for operating costs. What our center has to offer a collective space for community, spiritual friendship, and growth through the Buddha’s teachings and meditation. Please help us keep the center going by donating a tax-deductible gift and by purchasing items from our bookstore located in the center.

“The perfection of generosity is said to be the thought to give all beings everything”. Shantideva, the 8th century Buddhist master

Our aim is to inspire a culture of generosity that will pervade the community. Through giving, we learn to transcend ourselves and respond to the needs of others. If you value what is offered, you will hopefully be inspired to help us to offer that gift to others.

The most obvious form of ‘dana’ is to give money through donations, both by putting money in the Dana bowl and through joining the supporting friends, where you can choice to give a regular amount to Nagaloka in check form each month, week, or even annually. You can also make a donation here by pushing the “donate” button.

However, ‘dana’ can also take the form of giving time, skills, goods, friendliness; there are so many things that one can give.

Please contact us for more details.

Thank you for your contribution.